Wes Tucker RIP

August 6th, 2013

ain’t nobody gonna know what a Blackbird is anymore…

nobody was a slalom skateboarder like WT. He kept it going for himself when nobody cared, and he really didn’t care if anyone cared anyway.
He did it his way.
and THAT ain’t nothin but the truth.

social media OVERLOAD

May 24th, 2013

read article here;

it makes me think about how it’s not so much of a “new/facebook” type of thing.

Several years back(pre-FB)…My sister emails the family about her new job, and my brother answers back to all with “well, I am up for a promotion”…rather than a basic “congratulations”.

People with babies HAVE ALWAYS considered themselves “more important”, and have always tried to steer ANY conversation to; “that reminds me of what baby jo-jo did last week…”

the pet people can be even worse. I DO NOT want to spend all dinner hearing about how cute your pets are.(because mine are cuter anyway)

And I think the facebook way of thinking is bringing it even more heavily into our “actual” daily lives.

we have become conditioned to the ADD/quick flash/MTV style of life.

There’s no more long conversations, everyone’s being trained to short circuit and “rapid toggle” from one task to the next to the next…folks check text messages while they’re “listening” to another person, then suddenly switch the conversation to “jane’s cute pet”(who they saw on their phone while “having a conversation” with me?)

Essentially, when someone does this, their brains have decided: “This conversation is okay, but there might be something better on my facebook page.” It’s like flirting with chicks, while you’re out on a date. always looking for something more “important” or entertaining…

A true test…

would you check your facebook/emails when your boss is talking to you?

would you check your facebook/emails when your spouse is talking to you?

would you check your facebook/emails when the sexy lifeguard is talking to you?

would you check your facebook/emails when your co-worker is talking to you?

would you check your facebook/emails when your friend is talking to you?

in other words, are there people who you respect and want attention from, and those who you don’t? it really is that simple.

The “actual people” in your life are right there…easy access. But like a garden, they take nurturing! don’t forget about them.

check’em out…next to the 40Watt club on Washington Street…for all your skateboarding needs.

guajataca downhill practice

January 21st, 2013

watch for cars….

Guajataca 2012 highlights

January 21st, 2013


November 7th, 2012

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